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Mild Fish, Rich & Buttery, Firm, Flaky texture

Shrimp Cocktail

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Smoke & Mango

Convite Mezcal, JF Haden Mango, Fresh Lime, Agave

Smoked Fish Dip

Authentic Florida Fish Dip. House Made Sweet Potato Chips. Toast Points

South African Rock Lobster Tails

Sweet & Tender, Broiled to Perfection

Southern Crab Bisque

Sweet Lump Crab, Sherry Laced Silky Bisque

Spiced Watermelon Margarita

St. George Green Chili Vodka, Watermelon, Fresh Lime, Agave, Jalapeno

Sprit of the Oyster

1/2 Bottle Santa Margarita Prosecco, 6 Sebastian River Oysters, Cocktail, Horseradish, Mignonette, Alaskan Salmon Caviar

Steamed Middle Neck Clams

Mildly Spicy Tomato Broth. Cedar Key, FL

Stuffed Flounder

Daily Caught, North Florida Flounder, Lobster & Crab Stued, Lobster Cream Sweet Potato Hash, Green Beans

Sweet Potato Hash

Roasted Sweet Potato Hash

Tropical Storm

Denizen Rum, Guava, Fresh Lime

Tuna Tartar

Fresh Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber. House Made Sweet Potato Chips

Whole Pompano

Rich Mild Flavor, Sweet & Delicious

With Passion

Hiatus Reposado Tequila, Passion Fruit, Fresh Lime, Mint

Yuzu Spritzer

Joto Yuzu Sake, Luxardo Blanco Aperitivo, Lavender Tonic